Associate Pastor 
Chris Hulsey

At the age young age of 14 God glorious
 saved my soul,
I was called to preach the gospel 
in 1993. The road I have chosen to
 serve The Lord has not been easy but
 I would not have it any other way.  
God has richly blessed me and my family. 
My mission is to lift up, praise and glorify the name of The Lord! Not to lift up myself but to praise and glorify His name!
And in doing so I can accomplish this mission, which is to see souls saved, to see those who are saved but have strayed away come back into fellowship and receive forgiveness. To be a light and help the community. To see broken homes and marriages put back together again by the grace and power of The Lord Jesus Christ.
Standing on the word of The Lord is critical in this day and hour that you and I live today.
My hope is in The Lord and I pray that yours is too, and whosoever reads this knows Jesus as their personal savior! 
And if not GOOD NEWS! You can know him today. Realize you are a sinner and that Jesus was crucified, buried, risen and coming again. Ask him to forgive you, and save you. And by faith asking this you can become a child of God! 
With love and prayers for all, Pastor Chris