Psalm 51
Youth of today need special attention that the world cannot offer.  Young people need to be nurtured and raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  The world offers so much that can draw our youth out into a world of sin.  

Here at Pond Fork we try to keep them busy with the “Lord's work” so that they don’t feel the need to become involved in things that are not pleasing to the Lord.   We plan special out of town trips, local outings, attend youth revivals/rallies
We occasionally have fundraisers to help pay for some of our activities.  They are also in charge of the a.m. service each 5th Sunday. Our desire as Youth Leaders is to instill in these girls and boys the importance of serving Christ.

If we can accomplish that, then we won’t have to worry about where they’ll be when they become adults.  They’ll be teaching their own families about Christ. 

Ages 13-25 

Youth Memorial Benches and Garden